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Questions & Answers

Welcome to the 3x3 Q&A page. Here you will find a selection of the most common 3x3 related questions.

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FIBA & 3x3:

Why is FIBA embracing 3x3 basketball?

In line with FIBA's vision to make basketball the most popular sports community in the world, FIBA is embracing 3x3 with the aim of further promoting, uniting and developing the game of basketball.

FIBA believes that 3x3 presents an excellent opportunity to attract new people to basketball and to raise awareness that everyone can play basketball, anywhere in the world.

Embracing an additional stand-alone discipline offers the opportunity to extend the reach of participating or hosting countries in international competitions.

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What's FIBA's vision for 3x3 basketball?

To make 3x3 basketball the number one urban sport in the world.

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When does FIBA expect 3x3 to be part of the Olympic programme?

FIBA is aiming for 3x3 basketball to get Olympic status for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Click here to find out about FIBA's roadmap for the development of 3x3 basketball.

Is 3x3 being introduced in other international competitions?

Yes. As of 2012, there is a FIBA 3x3 World Tour and 3x3 World Championships for senior men & women, as well as for U18 men & women.

Additionally, basketball is played in 3x3 format at the Youth Olympic Games, at FISU's World University Championships as well as at the upcoming Sport Accord's World Beach Games.


What is FIBA's Competition Network?

FIBA's integrated Competition Network comprises of all FIBA endorsed tournament, from standalone tournaments to the qualifiers and Masters of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

What is an endorsed tournament?

Any tournament can be endorsed. The requirements are that the organiser:

  • Uses the FIBA 3x3 rules for the tournament
  • Uses the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker for the management of the tournament, including the upload of results
  • Ensures that all participating players are registered at
  • Grants FIBA royalty-free licence to amend, use and distribute footage and photographs of the event

Click here for more information about organising 3x3 tournaments and FIBA's 3x3 endorsement process.

What tournament format can be endorsed by FIBA ?

The classic format to be in place is round robins followed by a knock-out phase, leading to a final game. The final for the 3rd place is recommended, whilst classification games (for losing teams) are up to the organizer. Additional formats such as double elimination bracket may also be approved.

Click here for more information about organising 3x3 tournaments and FIBA's 3x3 endorsement process.

What is the minimum number of teams per tournament?

The minimum number of teams is eight, while the minimum number of games for each team is three.

Are there specific scoresheets available for 3x3 basketball?

Yes, scoresheets are used to keep track of the scoring within a game while, once the game ends, results are managed electronically by FIBA's 3x3 Event Maker tool, which includes a large number of other tournament management tools and which is available for download on

What's the time slot to be allocated when playing full or basic rules?

Practice shows that two times five minutes can be played within a 20 minute timeframe. Slots of maximum 30 minutes are then appropriate and allow for short on court presentations between games and warm-ups.

National Tours:

What is a 3x3 Tour?

A 3x3 Tour is a series of at least three endorsed tournaments linked together, usually ending with a tour winner. There can be more than one national tour in any given country.

Are there any eligibility restrictions on 3x3 Tour players?

Teams from mixed nationalities can participate in 3x3 Tour competitions. The only requirement for national tour players is that they are registered on and that minors provide a signed declaration by a legal guardian.

Competition Management Tools:

What is the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker and how can I have access to it?

The FIBA 3x3 Event Maker is the official tournament management tool for all FIBA endorsed 3x3 tournaments and is available for download. The Event Maker comes with a video tutorial, while FIBA is also willing to provide demonstration of the tool.

How many computers have to be used to run the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker competition management tool?

One computer is enough to register players, team and set the competition up. Should the stadium scoring feature be used - one computer per court is needed.

Click here for more information about the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker.

I heard about webinars which consist of an online training for tournament organisers who will be using the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker competition management tool. How can I take part in one?

FIBA provides a comprehensive FIBA 3x3 Event Maker training, which will allow you to manage your competition on your own. Contact to enquire about the next one and you'll receive video and audio access codes to take part in the webinar.

3x3Planet and ranking:

What is the digital platform?

The digital platform is a basketball community website that allows players to track their results of all their games including pick-up games and compare with friends and opponents. A personalized dashboard will include ranking and rating analysis providing players with a beyond-the-court experience. In addition, it will notify the player about upcoming 'geo-relevant' tournaments.

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What are the basic principles behind the FIBA 3x3 ranking?

The Ranking and Ballerlevel are the two indicators central to FIBA's ranking system.
" The Ballerlevel is a way to evaluate the skill level of players, from beginner to pro, based on competition results and according to the Ballerlevel of players you beat/lose to.
" The Ranking is a player's individual position among registered players based on points won at FIBA endorsed competitions and pick-up games.
A complete explanation of both indicators is available on the Ranking and Ballerlevel page of 3x3Planet.


What is the official surface for 3x3 basketball?

There is no mandatory surface for 3x3 basketball; a tournament can take place on concrete, asphalt, existing or temporary courts. Playability and player safety are key components when choosing a surface.

However, FIBA recommends using its official 3x3 basketball court partner Connor Sport Court International (CSCI), who will supply the FIBA 3x3 World Tour and the FIBA World Championships.

What is the size of a 3x3 court?

3x3 basketball is played on a court that is 15 meters in width and 11 to 14 meters in length long with 1.5 meter boundaries. The court markings for the key and three-point lines are the same as on a standard half-court.
Accordingly, a standard basketball court falls within the recommended dimensions and allows two 3x3 games to be played simultaneously.

Where can equipment (backstops, hoops, outdoor shot-clocks, scoreboards) be purchased/ordered?

The FIBA Study Centre has recently extended its activities to include equipment specifically designed for 3x3 basketball.
For more information about equipment for 3x3 basketball, download the FIBA Outdoor Equipment manual.

Eligibility & Teams:

What are the age groups or categories?

While FIBA only organises 3x3 tournaments for senior and U18 age categories, FIBA recommends dividing players into the following age categories: U12, U15, U18, senior (or "open") and over-35s.

Click here for more information about player eligibility.

What is the maximum number of players per team in a tournament?

Teams are composed of three players, plus one possible substitute. Accordingly, the maximum number of players is four.

How are teams put together or selected?

A team is composed of a group of friends, team-mates, co-workers, etc. For nationality-based competition (such as the FIBA World Championships, the Youth Olympic Games, etc.), each National Federation is responsible for selecting the team. However, only players having previously participated in FIBA 3x3 Endorsed events are eligible. It is highly recommended that the players are selected through 3x3 tournaments. In any case national team players must be registered in and hold a planet ID number.

Click here for more information about player eligibility.

Are coaches foreseen in the teams?

No. However, a team leader or manager can be appointed for high-level youth (18 and under) competitions.


Is FIBA organising events?

Yes. FIBA currently organises the FIBA 3x3 World Tour, which includes a set number of Masters events as well as a grand final and for which any team can qualify through a set network of qualifying tournaments. FIBA also organises 3x3 World Championships at senior and youth levels.

Will awards be handed out to the best player at the end of each season?

Currently this is not the case. However, this is being considered for future seasons.

Why is the size 6 ball used for all categories?

3x3 is a tool to democratise basketball, opening to and engaging a wider population regardless of age, gender or size. Size 6 balls facilitate these goals making basketball more accessible to everybody helping to reach beyond the classic basketball player.

FIBA has introduced the size 6 ball at the 2012 FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships and the 2013 (senior) FIBA Asia 3x3 Championship with mainly a positive feedback from the players. Studies prove that the size 6 ball ensures better control and enhances shooting percentage which makes the game more fun to play and watch.