Assesment & Evalutation criteria

FIBA is committed to ensuring the assessment and evaluation of all bids is transparent to all parties involved.

Every bid will be assessed and evaluated on its individual merits, taking into account qualitative and quantitative matters and all relevant aspects.

The FIBA Central Board (link) has the exclusive right and authority to decide on the host of FIBA competitions.

In assessing the bids, a number of assessment and evaluation criteria are taken into account by FIBA, including but not limited to:

1.Organisational factors FIBA will ensure that a competition organised under its auspices will be successfully hosted and that FIBA is represented impartially.

FIBA will assess the Host’s ability to stage a championship that will bring prestige and credit to the host country and FIBA.

The Host must provide top-quality championship venues that meet or exceed all of FIBA’s minimum requirements.
2. Commercial factors FIBA will assess the National Federation’s ability to gain private and public sector financial support for its hosting of the event.
3. Spectator attendance Baseline figures for Group Phase and Final Phase seats will be established for each event.

Bidders are welcome to demonstrate larger individual capacity plans that can grow the power and potential of the event.

FIBA will assess the Host’s plans to ensure full arenas.
4. Sporting legacy FIBA is committed to promoting and developing basketball throughout the world.

Organising a youth event, for example, provides a perfect opportunity to support this goal, especially among younger generations.

FIBA will assess the Host’s long-term objectives and its plans to develop and deliver long-lasting sporting legacy.
5. Public sector guarantees The staging of any FIBA event requires guarantees in terms if the availability of finances, logistics, arenas and sport facilities.

The candidate National Federation must secure these guarantees by obtaining strong support from the government and/or regional/city authorities.

Together with its candidacy, the National Federation bidding must submit a declaration from the national/regional/city government providing guarantees of all the commitments proposed and contained in the bid and FIBA’s minimum requirements.