Athlete Guide

FIBA’s efforts to increase player awareness of some of the key off-court issues have resulted in the development of the Athletes Guide to Off-Court Development. This document aims to provide professional athletes with a reliable and trustworthy source of basic advice specifically tailored to the needs of sports professionals.

This guide takes four fundamental on-court parameters - team, skills, rules and game plan – and applies them to off-court situations, for an easy to understand entry level guide to managing a career in basketball.

One of the main ideas behind this comparative approach is to illustrate that many of the keys to success on the court can be easily applied off the court, contributing towards a management of the athletes career that is just as important, but that can have a tendency to be neglected.

Download the Athlete Guide here.

Financial Handbook

Financial planning is important for any professional athlete – whether you are a rookie or veteran, having the knowledge to secure your financial future can make the difference between a great career or a bad one. This guide has been created to provide FIBA athletes with the needed resources and knowledge that will allow them to succeed financially.

Download the Financial Handbook here.

Looking for an Agent?

A sports agent represents an athlete and helps identify, pursue and negotiate jobs and endorsement deals. An agent can help you manage your time, allowing you more time to focus on playing the game and performing on-the-court.

Agents have become more and more prevalent throughout the sports industry. In fact, the sports agent job market is expected to grow between 7-13% by 2016. This means that more and more athletes will be looking for representation, which will increase competition for honest, reliable agents.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to think carefully about what you need and want from your agent and what to look for when choosing one. Your agent will be a critical member of your off-court team, so you want to make sure that members of your team have the skills to help you and the kind of trust you can rely on.

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Players' education 

"Empowerment of basketball players through a sustainable dual career and good governance training supporting programme"

FIBA Europe and its member federations, following the recommendations of the European Commission on dual careers and reintegration of professional sportspersons into the labour market, are embarking on the TIME-OUT project aiming to help players across Europe in their transition from sport into work.

Through the collaboration of a partnership comprised of 8 bodies covering 7 countries, the project will bring together a range of key stakeholders. They will work together for the strategic development of new educational and training opportunities for basketball players. They will be in the field of sport´s operations and management, events and marketing, media and communications. In this way the national federations, clubs and other basketball organisations will also benefit from the programme. Legacy will be secured.

TIME-OUT is a project in the field of dual careers that focuses on the integration of basketball players into the labor market, showing the importance of thinking in advance about the life that follows after sport. To train initially a selected group of 80 elite basketball players at the end of their playing careers by giving them specific skills and knowledge in the fields of “Leadership and management”, “Basketball Management” and “Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support (TALS)”

Purpose of the project:
- To open new opportunities and pathways in the lives of players who would like to remain in basketball after retirement by sustainable and continues support throughout their studying and work placement.

- To strengthen the good governance of basketball national federations and other sports organizations by identifying and developing their weaknesses.

- To achieve a sustainable cooperation between FIBA, the national federations and other Basketball organizations by creating further education programmes for players.

Download the TIME-Out here