DIRECTV Liga de las Americas

The DIRECTV Liga de las Americas is the leading continental club competition across South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
It’s the place where a plethora of star players have showcased their talent ever since its inception during 2007.
And since 2014, all roads have led to Final Four - with the various coaches and players from participating clubs all fighting it out to wrap up a highly coveted ticket to the climax of the season.
By the time eight editions were down in the books, inaugural champions Penarol of Argentina were still the only club to have won the prized silverware more than once.
They were the first ever winners and repeated their success, having initially fallen in the defence of their maiden title to UniCEUB of Brasilia, who became the first club from Brazil to finish top of the heap.
But, Argentina was the home to three of the first four winners, with Regatas Correntes also triumphing.
That came before Pioneros de Quintana Roo of Cancun wrote a historical chapter as the first winners from Mexico.
It remains the biggest surprise to date as head coach Pep Claros wrote himself into Mexican basketball folklore along with MVP Chris Hernandez.
Most recently, the momentum has swung back the way of Brazilian clubs during recent editions.
Pinheiros gleefully rode their way to the title along with other first-time winners in Flamengo and Bauru.
Veteran guard Alex Garcia was named MVP for Bauru in 2015 after coming up with 16 points and eight assists in an 86-72 win against Pioneros.

That was an exceptional accomplishment for more reasons than one - for he also took the honour when he won the Championship in a UniCEUB vest earlier in his career.
Seven different champions in the first eight years of existence also underlined the difficulty of climbing to the top of the podium due to the fiercely competitive nature of the tournament. An element which makes it all the more exciting and compelling.
There is also an additional incentive – namely representing the Americas region in the FIBA-Euroleague InterContinental Cup against the Euroleague champions.